Is this the official webite of grandma Nina’s blind clearing?

*** Yes. This is official website of grandma Nina’s blind clearing
Where does Grandma Nina live?


*** Unfortunately the address of the residence of Grandma Nina is not disclosed. Grandma Nina helps remotely. In exceptional cases people will need to meet her. The address of residence will be given only to the person which needs to come to her.

Who helps Grandma Nina?

*** Anna helps Grandma Nina. Neighbors also help her.

Is it true that Grandma Nina personally starred in the film or it was a professional actress?

 *** Grandma Nina starred the show personally.

What is the price for Grandma Nina’s help?

*** Grandma Nina does not take money for her help. Money is transferred only to buy the materials that will be used.

Why I had not received a response to my letter for a long time?

*** We apologize for that. Due to the large flow of letters there is a delay. We will answer all the "adequate" letters.

Is it true that Grandma Nina participates in charity?

*** Yes. It's true. Grandma Nina helps children’s community and children which have serious illnesses. You can also help kids if you want. The instruction you can see in the section “Donations”.


где живёт слепая ясновидящая баба Нина