Grandma Nina gives each person individual advice. We also picked up advices that she applyes to all people.


To attract money:


Don’t lift coins from the ground.

Don’t take money from the hands of your envious.

If you find the money don’t be tempted, don’t take it. They can bring you misfortune.

Never change love and friendship for money.

Never carry a photo of your love in your wallet.

Don’t leave money on the table tonight.

Pick up money with your left hand and give away them with your right hand.

Try to be thankful for every money you are given.


To save the family:


The bride on the wedding should wear only new clothes.

Don’t celebrate the wedding on the day of the death of one of the parents.

Don’t keep a bouquet from your love for a long time. As soon as the flowers start to wither throw them away.

Don’t fit on wedding rings before the wedding.

Don’t let other people sleep in your bed.

Don’t give your wedding gifts to others.

Don’t keep husband and wife’s clothes separately.

Don’t sleep on the old bedclothes in the first wedding night.

Spouses shouldn’t not sleep under different blankets. If it happens put a skein of white thread under the mattress.


To get married.


An unmarried girl must first cut the nails of the right hand and then of the left.

An unmarried girl shouldn’t live together with the cat before marriage.

Don’t respond to the proposal to get married on Friday.

An unmarried girl shouldn’t wear mother’s clothes.

An unmarried girl shouldn’t wear pearls.

An unmarried girl shouldn’t buy socks and underwear for the groom before the wedding.


And a few more tips:


Don’t unfasten pins if it was not fasten by yourself.

Don’t make love spells.

It is impossible for old people to sleep with small children. A old person can unconsciously nourish the child with energy.

Don’t buy worn clothes. It has someone else's energy, perhaps negative.

Never swear. An oath can be very dangerous.

And most importantly – don’t do evil!!!

Advices from Grandma Nina